“We Carry inside us

The wonders we seek

outside us.”

- Rumi


Goals are good. Purpose is best.

What’s your why?  Knowing and living your why – your purpose – gives you the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life, and achieve extraordinary results personally and professionally.

From this place of empowerment, you will discover that you are creative, resourceful and whole.  You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed.  You know so much more than you think you do.  As your coach, I help you identify your purpose, values, and spiritual north star.  I help you access your intuition, your wisdom, your brilliance. I hold the space for you to dream, believe and succeed. And I stand with you as you navigate challenges, disappointments, failures, mistakes, loss and grief … and come out the other side with new perspectives and beliefs about who you are and what is possible.

My wish for you is that you swing for the fences and hit your moonshot.  That you find and celebrate your magnificence – and you run with it full-force, with reckless abandon and radical self-expression, into making our world a better place.

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“My life purpose is to fuse intellect, heart and intuition to help people craft and tell their stories.”

Laverne mckinnon  |  leadership & Personal COach

Photo: Wyoh Lee

Photo: Wyoh Lee

About Laverne

I live my purpose as a Coach and as a Film & Television Producer.  I’m also an adjunct lecturer in Northwestern University’s  Master of Science in Leadership for the Creative Enterprises program. Keep reading to learn more.


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