Photo: Wyoh Lee

Photo: Wyoh Lee

MY LIFE PURPOSE IS TO FUSE INTELLECT, HEART AND INTUITION TO HELP PEOPLE CRAFT AND TELL THEIR STORIES. My passion is to awaken, heal and serve through innovative leadership.  My mission is for all of us to have positive impact on our family, communities and world. My goal is to help others find and live their purpose, values, passion.  

My coaching clients have come out of tech (Founders, CEO’s, CTO’s) and entertainment (Execs from Universal, Fox, Disney, Tribune, Showtime, and others) as well as creators (directors, writers, actors.) I’ve also coached people from the military, non-profit, and small business. What unifies them: they are smart, curious individuals who are longing for something more than the status quo.

I hold a PCC certification from the The International Coaching Federation and am trained and certified through the  Co-Active Training Institute.   I’m also passionate about helping those who are dealing with non-death related grief whether it’s the loss of relationship, job, business, trust, home, etc.  I’m certified in the The Grief Recovery Method  and from the The Creative Grief  Studio.  In addition I hold certifications as a Cognitive Behavioral and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

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The Bottom Line

I love to listen – not just to your words, but what’s underneath it, and the energy around it. And I’m committed to helping you listen deeply to yourself.  Because I don’t have the answers — you do.