Laverne has that one-in-a-million ability to hone in on exactly what you need to focus on in order to thrive.
— Jennifer | Montana

I’ve always been an over-achiever. I constantly strived for excellence. Compliments came easily. And when I thought I was on top of the world, it all came crashing down. Suddenly a shadow was cast upon my usual positive self. Never have I been so full of fear, anxiety and despair. Luckily through the overwhelming darkness came a ray of light in Laverne McKinnon. She easily understands my doubts and hesitations while identifying the good in me that I can’t see for myself. She’s honest about my fears and provides me the skills to break free from them. She gives me strength not only through comforting words but also through thoughtful “homework” exercises that ultimately builds a stronger sense of self. No doubt more storms will come my way. They will batter and bruise me, knocking me down hard. Yet I’m eternally grateful to be able to reach for the tools that Laverne continues to teach me that gives me the strength to stand back up, dust myself off, and push forward.
— W.H.C., Writer/Producer

Laverne McKinnon’s coaching is truly constructive and inspiring! The tools and exercises were truly useful and assisted in my personal growth, in addition, Laverne’s insight and positive feedback enabled me to make strides towards my life goals. I highly recommend Laverne McKinnon’s coaching and feedback!
— Anne

Laverne McKinnon is one of those life-changing coaches that possesses a rare combination of intuition, compassion and the ability to really push you in the right direction! Before working with Laverne, I was going through the aftermaths of grief, job loss and health issues. With Laverne’s guidance each week, I learned what my core values are, boundaries (for the first time in my life), and I gained my confidence back. I also don’t know how I would’ve survived a period of time when I was working full-time, taking a business course online and taking care of my mom, who was in the hospital, without having Laverne to turn to, each week. By the time I felt ready to face the world on my own, I had started a thriving business that now has a wait list and feels like my purpose in this world! Plus, I have even closer relationships with family and friends! I have recommended her to everyone I know, including my own husband. Laverne McKinnon is a coach, a mentor, and I’m now honored to call a friend.
— Katy Chen Mazzara, Financial Coach and TV Producer

Working with Laverne helped get me un-stuck. I was in a bad cycle that was unproductive and mentally and emotionally draining. My work with Laverne got me out of that cycle and taught me to make decisions that were more in line with my own principles and values, rather than doing what I thought was expected of me, or making decisions that benefited others before myself. It was extremely helpful to work with a coach who understood the industry, with all of its pitfalls and demands. But it was also terrific to be able to talk to someone who would listen and whose words and encouragement taught me to make better choices for myself. At first I thought I wanted someone who could just tell me what I was doing wrong and then just tell me what to do, but Laverne’s technique allowed me to come to these realizations and understandings myself. She’s kind, compassionate, and thoughtful in her approach and has helped me over many a hurdle. I started enjoying my work again, became much more productive, and embraced partners and projects that have made me feel good about myself and the work that we’re doing together.
— Joyce, Producer | New York, NY

I had no prior experience working with a coach. I knew Laverne in a teaching capacity, but individual coaching was new territory for me. I was unsure of what to expect and how the process might unfold. Laverne is utterly intuitive, empathetic, and insightful. I was often surprised and delighted by our exercises; our sessions were just as creative and interesting as they were exploratory and illustrative. Session prep was also an invaluable process and pushed me to articulate where I lacked clarity or needed support in developing new tools. I was challenged by our work, while always feeling free to be my honest self. Laverne holds space for personal growth with complete kindness, humor, and generosity of spirit. She is a thoroughly powerful and empowering guide.
— Laura Hess, Film & Experiential Producer

Laverne is an incredible coach. She gives me the support, structure, foundation, and tools to carve my own career path. She asks thoughtful and probing questions to guide me to my own answers, discovering my own strength and wisdom. She conducts powerful exercises, visualizations, and guided meditations to enable me to tap into a deeper and fuller sense of understanding. I have made numerous decisions and actions based on our sessions, understanding logic and gut, resulting in positive career steps.On top of being an outstanding and effective coach, Laverne is a supportive, compassionate, and strong human being. An utter badass herself, she is a role model in what it means to live your strength, truth, and passion. If it wasn’t for Laverne, it would be a very different path than the one I’m on today. With her, I found the trust and stamina in myself to keep going down the path and creative career I wanted.
— S

Laverne helped me move ahead in my career by leading me through a series of soul-searching visualizations and by helping me find my core values, the compass with which I now use to navigate my life decisions. I have become clear about my purpose and am living that vision by producing my own content. Laverne also effortlessly coached me through lingering grieving issues that needed to be set free. I looked forward to talking with Laverne each and every week. I highly recommend that anyone that feels stuck or needs some extra support work with Laverne.
— Michael M., Television Producer

I have worked with Laverne for several years now, as a coaching client. I work in the entertainment industry and she was wonderful in helping me believe more in myself and trust that voice inside me that was telling me what I really wanted to do. And to listen to that voice even more so when all the other voices of doubt would try to overpower them. I watched as so many doors started opening for me in my field, and so much was due to Laverne helping me not be afraid to trust my voice and to own who I am and what I bring to the table. By forcing me to be pro-active at every turn, Laverne changed my outlook on what I could achieve and to have less fear about going for what I wanted. She has been invaluable in helping shape this chapter of my career.
— M

Laverne is an absolutely brilliant coach, her intuition is a powerful gift that has guided me to completely new perspectives and ways of being. Her calming presence allows me to feel safe expressing whatever I am experiencing without judgment. Yet her feisty, playful spirit has guided me to the space of living on my edge and moving fiercely into my dreams. It is a gift that can only be described as a magical force to work with Laverne.
— Cheyenne Carrell | Prescott, AZ

Laverne is a great coach who invites you to explore untapped possibilities and realms where anything is possible. Her thought provoking and reflective questions further considerations that once seemed impossible, now possible. I would highly recommend her as a coach! She will meet you right where you are and her processes will take you where you’ve never been…
— Wazir Jefferson, Educator, Facilitator, Trainer

Laverne is a coach with a powerful combination of skills. She has a calm, focused presence, but she moves you to take action. She helped me to move forward in a major life decision that I had stalled for months, and all through powerful questions. She never gave ‘advice’ or tried to problem-solve. She tapped into my own wisdom and inspired me to act. I have been so fulfilled by that decision ever since. I would recommend Laverne as a coach to individuals, groups, or organizations. She is first class!
— Vicki Flier Hudson, Coach and Chief Collaboration Officer, Highroad Global Services, Inc. | Atlanta, GA

Laverne was fantastic in helping me identify clear and specific goals – a great listener and guide. I felt so fortunate to have her on my side as I did personal and career planning.

Stress Less, Do More

Workshop Testimonials

I took away so many pearls of knowledge from the workshop. It filled me with tools and take aways. Our thoughts have a powerful effect on everything we do. It can stop us or open us up. One message was to put things into perspective and to get out of my own way. What are my underlying beliefs that bring stress to my life? Do I deserve success? I thought I did but, after the workshop, I know that I deserve whatever it is I desire. Another great aspect was that each presenter built on the last. Because the room was filled with creative people—including the presenters—I felt as if we were in the same boat, rising with the tide of self knowledge.
— Anonymous

Everyone needs to spend a day on yourself. I have done other personal development workshops however I enjoyed the diversity of topics and clear next steps. Highly recommend it.
— Brian Sniegowski | Insurance Guy

Before I came to the Stress Less Do More workshop, I was having a bit of a midlife crisis—reassessing where I was in my career, in my finances, and feeling like I wasn’t where I wanted to be at this stage of my life. I was anxious about my future. Coming to this workshop helped me to reframe my thinking about myself. I’ve been able to clarify my real values, and I realized that the things I have been chasing (and feeling stressed over) don’t necessarily align with those values. What a breakthrough! Laverne, Katy and Sandie have packed this workshop with practical, useful tools that work from the inside out—doing the inner work necessary to make the outer work (like money and career) fall into place. It is a fantastic gift for yourself if you’re seeking clarity and a fresh perspective.
— Emily Hache | Writer/Story Producer

My experience at the Stress Less, Do More Workshop was quite profound. I came into the workshop feeling stressed and sort of hopeless about my career goals, having recently had a big project crumble. During the workshop, I learned some practical skills around correcting some of my mistaken beliefs, as well as being given permission to ask people for help. I also received some great tips on negotiating and how to declutter my finances to help clarify my intentions. Overall, I received many practical skills to add to my tool belt moving forward. I felt safe and supported, which provided me the opportunity to not only share my experience with other like-minded professionals, but to also feel as if I’m part of a bigger community. I would like to do a follow-up workshop... when is the next one?
— Michael M | TV Producer

Taking the Stress Less. Do More. Workshop has been a turning point for me. I had been mired in my own personal inferno of an emotionally destructive relationship, dwindling job opportunities, and financial fears. In just one magical day, I found growth and community to lift me for a lifetime. To be able to both step back and see the roots of my limiting thoughts, and to focus in to indentify my core identity and goals, this workshop has given me amazing tools that I can continue to use to identify my goals and the paths to achieve them.
— Spyke Hirshon | Freelance Video Editor

A refreshingly honest journey in an uplifting environment that examined personal goals and provided new strategies and useful tools to combat daily stress and financial anxiety.
— G.M. Stuart | Writer, Producer, Director

These three women are outstanding in what they do. They schedule the day in a structure that builds upon each session, and focus on tangible steps to reduce stress, solve money problems, and action items to go for your goals. I’d absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone.
— Anon.


Workshop Testimonials

Laverne is a master at gathering people from all walks of life and holding space for their transformation. I didn’t know how much I’d get out of the vision boarding process until I experienced it. As the months go by, I’ve watched the images and words from my board show up in my life in magical and mysterious ways. So grateful to Laverne for facilitating the process!
— E.N.

Creating a vision board in one of Laverne’s sessions was enlightening and therapeutic. I felt ready to take on the world after completing my board. The process was aspirational and invigorating, emotional and inspiring. I’ve looked at my completed board every day since to feel motivated and keep my goals in mind.
— Anon.
This was my very first vision board party and I couldn’t have chosen a better one to attend! From the group of women who were there to the beautiful art that surrounded us, it was the perfect atmosphere to hang, have a glass of wine, enjoy each other’s company and manifest your vision onto a blank canvas. It was such a great experience and I would 100% recommend!
— Anon.

 Leadership Training

Program Testimonials

Laverne McKinnon’s Leadership Program has been in every sense of the word—life-changing! It came at the most opportunistic time in my life where I basically Marie Kondo’d everything that no longer sparked joy for me, and that space was then filled with purpose, intention, and tools and leadership skills I could utilize in my every day life. I went in not knowing what to expect, and came out not only with a newfound perspective, but also gained lasting friendships with a group of amazing women leaders I can call my sisters. There is no better person to lead this group. Laverne is simply sunshine in human form!
— Nicki Sun

A lot of the industry at a certain point after you’ve been putting in the effort in your creative work and networking, is a mental game. Someone separately told that and I think Laverne’s toolwork takes you to that next level in the mental game. It is a lot about how to navigate some of the tricky psychological situations and sometimes political moments in the business. It is helpful to know how to reframe certain situations to help yourself climb up the ranks and overcome the hurdle in front of yoou. I find the gold Laverne is talking about incredibly useful as a TV writer but do think it’s very universal to other facets of entertainment.
— Jeane Wong

I met Laverne while I was transitioning from being a long-time corporate attorney to pursuing an entirely new and different career path. So, I was navigating new territory work-wise and, because of my prior career, I was feeling generally off balance in my personal life. Working with Laverne helped me find more of a balance in my life again. Laverne is such a natural coach - she guides you, inspires you, and gives you the tools to empower yourself to figure out your life’s purpose and work towards reaching that purpose, however it may change. She is also so deeply intuitive and recognizes when you are struggling, and when you are thriving, and always accommodates you, which really made me feel heard and understood. Aside from her innate abilities, for me, Laverne was so effective as a coach because, in addition to coaching, Laverne is a successful business professional. I think this was invaluable because Laverne didn’t just sympathize, she really understood what I meant, how I was feeling, what I was going through, and was able to provide contextual guidance. Laverne has definitely helped me have more direction and intention, both in my personal and professional life. I feel so much more open to and excited about exploring my own growth than I’ve ever been before
— Connie C.